VA Loans

Plan for Success!

OUR Proven Process

The VA Home Loan is one of the best mortgage products available. Our team of experts is here to make sure your loan gets done right. We typically price 2 points better than most VA mortgage banks here in Hawaii. This can save you 10’s of thousands. Our proven process has been closing VA loans successfully for over 7 years:

  1. Phone conversation with a Loan Officer (not required)
  2. Complete our Online Application
  3. Loan Officer conducts a thorough analysis of your income and assets while also checking your VA eligibility for any exemptions or discounts to the VA funding fee.
  4. Customized software is used to scan wholesale lenders for the best VA rates
  5. Loan Officer generates your maximum qualified loan amount, provides example scenarios, and pre-approval letters
  6. Our elite processing team begins processing the loan
  7. Lender disclosures are received, and any additional documents needed are provided
  8. Appraisal report and closing disclosure are received
  9. Loan documents are signed either at escrow or with a mobile notary

Benefits of a VA Loan

  • 100% Financing
  • No Loan Limit!
  • $0 Cash to close option
  • No Mortgage insurance
  • Lower interest rates
  • Easier to income qualify
  • More lenient credit requirements (allowing scores as low as 580)

VA Loan Funding Fee


The VA funding fee is a fee that is charged to the veteran by VA which helps finance the VA home loan program. This fee can be financed.

It is important to apply for your VA disability prior to signing your loan closing documents. If you are approved for 10% or more we can have your funding fee waived or refunded.

If you are current collecting 10% or more in disability benefits from VA your are funding fee exempt



Streamline Refinance – This benefit allows you to refinances a VA loan to a VA loan with no appraisal, and no income or asset documents. Just no 30 day late payments in the last 12 months. No cash to close and skip up to 2 month’s payments.

Cash-out Refinances – 90% loan to value cash-out refinances. The cash can be used for any purpose. Some circumstances allow for 100% loan to value. 

C2 Financial Corporation is approved to originate VA and FHA loans, and has the ability to broker such loans to VA and FHA approved lenders.
C2 Financial Corporation is not acting on behalf of or at the direction of HUD/FHA or the VA.


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