About Us

Who We Are?


The C2 Hawaii FEBO (Flagship Exclusive Branch Office) partnership was founded in 2014 by Darron Carson and Joe Schmitz with the goal of delivering the most competitive mortgage rates to Hawaii residents. C2 Hawaii is approved with over 100 lenders allowing us to deliver the lowest rates to our clients every time.

C2 Hawaii’s vision is to provide the perfect platform for loan officers to learn, grow, and build their business so they can most effectively deliver the lowest rates to the Hawaii community.

Company Mission

It is the mission of C2 Hawaii to provide exceptional mortgage rates to Hawaii home owners with the best possible service.

Hours Of Operation

Monday – Friday 9am-5pm

Who We Are?


Mortgage brokers are often referred to as “mom and pop” mortgage operations. That is because the average mortgage brokerage is very small, having only one, or just a few, originators. But C2 Financial is not your typical mortgage broker and it’s a place where the words “mom and pop” do not apply. With more than 1000 originators closing well over $4 billion in loans annually, C2 Financial is the largest mortgage broker in the U.S.


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